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The Comprehensive Guide to the World of Science

Although many people think of science as only relevant to white-coated intellectuals tucked away in laboratories, in fact, scientific knowledge explains the everyday world. The amazing discoveries of years gone by have become part of the accepted environment of today. For example, the invention of the voltaic battery by Alessandro Volta was a huge breakthrough in 1800, but nowadays we flick many switches a day, and take for granted the electricity that powers our lights, ovens, televisions, etc.

Scientifica tells of the discoveries and inventions that led to modern technology, explains the fundamental concepts of many scientific principles, and also examines the physical world, from the stars above to the ground below. With our increasing understanding of our environment we can learn to preserve our natural resources for the future. The information presented throughout the pages of Scientifica will enhance our appreciation of the marvels of nature and increase our understanding of the technology that surrounds us.

Scientifica covers mathematics, astronomy, geology, physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine, explaining the major discoveries of each of these fields of science, telling the stories of the people and techniques involved, and showing how these discoveries have become part of modern life. The reader can follow the development of knowledge over time—for example, today’s atomic theory (encompassing protons, neutrons, electrons, and quarks in a structure consisting almost entirely of empty space) has its origins in the work of Democritus, a Greek philosopher of the fourth century bce.

With its large-format presentation, easy-to-follow text, and interesting images and illustrations, Scientifica makes the world of science accessible to all. This informative reference book will prove a valuable resource for the home library and student alike.


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