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Above and Beneath the Waves —
The Illustrated Guide to the Maritime World


This is a bold and exhilarating account of the oceans and ocean exploration. With authoritative text by geographers, oceanographers, historians and marine experts, it features over 600 superb photographs and illustrations plus detailed mapping throughout. Special features covering topics from boat building through the ages, navigational advances, piracy on the high seas, the story of diving, the undersea cables, to the hottest topical issues like whales and whaling and the territorial disputes over underwater resources, make Maritimea a completely comprehensive and accessible reference that captures the drama and excitement of the maritime world, above and beneath the waves.

  • How the oceans and seas were formed
  • Understanding tides, waves, currents, winds
  • The first seafarers; the Vikings; explorers and navigators
  • Discovering new worlds
  • The spice trade; the slave trade; pearls and pearl diving; sealers and whalers
  • Battles on the water
  • Our planet’s unique marine environments
  • Underwater life
  • Saving our oceans

Includes glossary of terms, gazetteer, and index


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