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New Directions in World Architecture and Design

Home is a complete illustrated reference to homes today and how architects design a living space to suit the occupants and the community in which they live.

In Part One, take a journey through the homes of different times and cultures—from Mayan limestone huts and Bedouin tents to the grand palaces and fortresses of Europe and Asia.

In Part Two, visit more than 100 homes of the present day by way of stunning architectural photographs and interesting and authoritative text written by a team of international academics and architects. Gain a fuller understanding of each project through floor plans, section views, and a selection of specially commissioned three dimensional cutaway illustrations.

Use the architects A–Z at the back of the book as a quick reference to find out more about the work and lives of architects from around the world who have shaped architectural trends in recent times.

Home is a beautiful and fascinating reference book for those interested in designing, creating, and expanding their knowledge about home, design, and architecture.


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