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Earth’s Dynamic Forces

Geologica is an informative study of Earth’s physical features, landscapes, plants and animals. The origins of the Earth are discussed, including the mechanism of tectonics—the force driving the movement of the continents. Over time, these tectonic forces thrust up mountains, build continents, and consume entire oceans. Lands meet and separate and the rocks that make up this planet are transformed from one landform to another.

Following on from tectonics is a journey through the Earth’s geological history, presenting each geological time period since its formation. Learn how the Earth formed and how the continents and oceans have been continually transformed from continent to supercontinent and back. Discover how the underlying geological process shaped not only the landforms of the planet but the living things that inhabit it and their evolution.

Geologica presents an in-depth insight into the different types of landscapes. Volcanoes, caves, deserts, glaciers, and deltas are explored in relation to their geological heritage. How each type of landform is created is revealed, followed by an exploratory trip into the most extraordinary examples found in all parts of the world. Mountain ranges, rift valleys, archipelagos, deltas, and geysers—and the geological processes that created them—are brought to life through pictures and mapping.

Featuring over 700 color photographs of some of the world’s most impressive land-scapes, and detailed world and regional maps, Geologica is a useful resource for the student and an ideal reference book for the home library.


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