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Earth Essential Atlas

The Ultimate Family Reference

Our planet is a fascinating place, with myriad differences of culture and geography, and a wide range of environments and climates. The shifting nature of world politics has given us four new countries in the first decade of the 21st century alone, and altered or erased countless borders and place names. Earth Essential Atlas gives you an up-to-date view of the world today.

An overview of each continent provides a snapshot of the physical geography and history of the area, and stylish tables present useful at-a-glance information on each of its countries. Full-color maps reveal the extraordinarily varied regions and dramatic landscapes of the world’s countries, as well as their dependencies and overseas territories. Special chapters also showcase the world’s oceans and the polar regions.

Innovative thematic maps provide a visual guide to world climate zones, temperature and global warming, land use, vegetation and natural habitats, energy and natural resources, population, religion, global trade and communications, along with a look at today’s major hot spots including disputed borders and ongoing political conflicts.

Earth Essential Atlas is a practical and easy-to-use reference, complete with an extensive gazetteer and glossary of foreign geographical terms. This handy reference atlas is an indispensable guide to our world.


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