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Earth Condensed

The World Atlas

Earth Condensed is a conveniently sized reference atlas that is ideal for the home, school, library, college, university, and workplace—it puts the world at your fingertips. Earth Condensed is complete with up-to-date information, superb cartography, wealth of detail, and full-color photography.
It contains:

  • Easy-to-understand text from an expert team of astronomers, geologists, geographers, and historians
  • Comprehensive mapping, presenting beautifully shaded relief maps showing the important geographical features and the towns, cities, and borders of each region of the world
  • Detailed descriptions of the world’s countries, dependencies, and territories
  • Separate country profiles with at-a-glance statistical information, such as area, population, and much more
  • Hundreds of superb color photographs, including stunning satellite imagery
  • A complete index of place names, as well as a glossary of geographical and foreign terms


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