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The Complete World Atlas

In over 300,000 words Earth Concise details the world we live in as a fascinating place, with a complexity of cultural, environmental, and physical differences that make each continent — and each country within each continent—unique. The often - mercurial political landscape, coupled with the human impact on the physical landscape, keeps our world in a state of change. Recent world events have seen borders fall and shift, nations exchange long-held territories, and territorial disputes resolved. Environmental changes have seen rainforests diminish, coastlines erode, and ice shelves collapse.

Earth Concise presents a comprehensive look at the world—from the earliest geological time to today’s melting pot of diversity. Highly detailed, up-to-date, full color, topographic map plates bring each country and region under the microscope, complemented by in-depth profiles that present the unique characteristics of each country. Thematic maps bring perspective to topics such as climate and weather patterns, natural resources, population density, mineral distribution, and vegetation, while detailed tectonic plates reveal the hidden undersea world of trenches, basins, and fracture zones.

With its comprehensive coverage of the world through detailed cartography and informative text, and the compilation of thematic maps to provide an overview of global data, Earth Concise is an essential reference book for every household.


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