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EARTH Blue Limited Edition

EARTH Blue Edition and the Planet Earth

EARTH Blue Edition contains a wealth of information about our amazing planet. The detailed maps, fascinating text, and breathtaking images bring to life the story of our planet and its place in the universe.

Planet EARTH Facts


EARTH Blue Edition facts

Mass of Earth: 5.972 x 1024kg   Weight: 20kg
Weight of presentation case: 15kg
Diameter at equator: 12,756.3km   Dimensions: 610 x 469mm
Diameter between poles: 12,713.6km   Gatefold width: 1.8m
Highest recorded temperature:
Al’Aziziyah, Libya, 57.7°C
(September 13, 1922)
  Number of gatefolds: 4
  Pages: 580
Number of words: over 265,000
Lowest recorded temperature:
Vostock II Antarctica -89.2°C
(July 21, 1983)
  Pages of maps: 170
Number of maps: 355
Smallest Country:
Vatican City at 0.45km2
population 824
  Chief Consultant:
Professor Charles F. Gritzner
  Number of Contributors: 100+
Largest freshwater lake:
Lake Superior at 82,413.5km2
  Number of Editors: 50+
Largest salt water reservoir:
Pacific Ocean at 155,557,000km2
  Total copies printed: 3000
Number of copies, Royal Blue: 2000
Number of copies, Imperial Gold: 1000
Lowest country in the world: Tuvalu   Number of geographer’s computers crashed: 35
Lowest dry-land point on Earth:
The shore of the Dead Sea,
on the Israel-Jordan border
(394 m below sea level)
  Number of years planning: 20
Number of years in production: 2
Number of countries: 194
Largest animal:
The blue whale - so large in fact, if it were a land-based animal, it would be crushed by its own weight.
  Number of Moscows recorded:
6 (3 in the USA, 2 in Russia and 1 in Antarctica)

Largest tree:
A species of palm tree from the Chuniophoeniceae tribe is so large it is visible from satellite images. It grows to more than 18 m and its leaves are up to 5 m in diameter. The location of the palm is kept secret, but is located somewhere in a remote region of northwestern Madagascar.

  Smallest recorded inhabited island:
Bishop Rock, UK (it has a lighthouse on it and nothing else)
  Longest place name:
a mountain in New Zealand
    Quirky place names:
  • St-Louis-du-Ha!-Ha!
    Quebec, Canada
  • Truth or Consequence,
    New Mexico, USA
  • Earth,
    Texas, USA
  • Seventeen Seventy,
    Queensland, Australia