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Galaxies • Planets • Stars • Constellation Maps • Space Exploration

Astronomica combines the knowledge of astronomy experts with the very latest images to present an in-depth look at the universe and the celestial bodies that abound in the intriguing realm of the night sky. Written in an engaging and accessible format, Astronomica is an invaluable reference book that covers a wide range of astronomy topics. There are comprehensive profiles of each of the planets in our solar system, the major stars, the dwarf planets, and other astronomical bodies. The galaxies, including the Milky Way and the local and distant galaxies, are examined.

Successful sky watching is covered in the chapter on observing the stars, which includes detailed charts of each of the 88 recognized constellations, helpful monthly sky charts, and information on equipment and materials to maximize viewing potential. The history of astronomy turns the spotlight on the advances that have been made through the centuries, up to the latest in cutting-edge technology. The chapter on space exploration discusses the successes and failures, the results and disappointments; the role of space stations; and the long-distance spacecraft sent out to the far reaches of the solar system.

Discover all you need to know about the cosmos and its fascinating features. Stunning photographs, detailed illustrations and charts, fact files, and timelines enhance the informative text, as Astronomica brings the cosmic world within easy reach.


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