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Earth Platinum arrives in Australia

19th June 2015

State Library in Sydney receives the first Australian copy, as shown on ABC TV.

Local press mentions largest atlas

Earth Platinum arrives in New Zealand

25th November 2014

Wellington receives the first New Zealand copy of Earth Platinum, as shown TV

Mark Bagnall cartographic curator from Alexander Turnbull library discusses Earth Platinum on national radio.

Biggest Atlas Wins award

20th August 2013

The overall winner of the International Map Industry Association (IMIA) regional map awards this year was the Millennium House Australia entry Earth Platinum World Atlas

Largest Atlas in the World Created using ArcGIS

7th May 2013 in GIS Lounge

Earth Platinum, the largest atlas ever printed, was released in February 2012 by Millennium House, Australia. Only 31 copies...

The Largest Atlas in the World

22nd April 2013 in Literary Tourist

You may have heard about it in the news. It’s the largest atlas in the world. Earth Platinum,(Millennium House, Australia, 2012) is leather-bound, weighs 200 kilograms...

Earth Platinum Atlas - the world's largest book-atlas, worth 100 thousand dollars.

24th April In Daily tech info - Russian

the main attraction of this book are photos of beautiful places on earth, which are printed on paper, size 1.8 to 1.4 meters.

Earth Platinum - Largest Limited Edition Atlas Scheduled to Release in May

20th April 2012 in Book collecting 101

Earth Platinum will be an astonishing publication that we hope will inspire travelers and students.

Historic Charminar goes global

Thursday 12th January 2012 in The Hindu India

Charminar, the indisputable icon of the 400-year-old city, has found a place of pride in what is being claimed as the World's Largest Atlas.

Atlas scales new heights

Thursday 12th January 2012 in The oxford times. Uk

"Cartography is said to be a hybrid of art and science. You could say I handled the art to make the science look beautiful".said Map maker David McCutcheon

Atlas offers giant window on the world

Tuesday 2nd November 2011 in Stuff New Zealand

"We co-ordinated and worked with dozens of cartographers in six continents to make the maps" said cartographer Roger Smith .


EARTH Platinum Edition: The World's Largest Atlas

October 6 2010

EARTH Platinum Edition, The World's Largest Atlas 6 ft x 9 ft (1.8 m x 2.75 m)
An exhibition collection of 31 Copies

The world launch of EARTH Platinum Edition took place on October 6, 2010 Frankfurt, Germany.
A giant among atlases, this is Millennium House's grand finale exhibition piece in the EARTH series.
A new benchmark created on every page from international acclaimed photographers, cartographers, geographers, oceanographers, designers, with printers and binders... NEVER has the envelope been pushed this far.

World Atlas wins Best Atlas Asia-Pacific

Jun 25 2010

At the IMTA (Asia–Pacific) Conference held in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday 25th June, 2010, World Atlas, published by Millennium House, was announced as 'Best Atlas'.

Entries were judged by an independent jury of cartographers. Cartographic products from the Asia–Pacific region were entered into the awards, with World Atlas taking the most coveted award of Best Atlas and then the Best Overall Winner. This accolade establishes World Atlas as the best atlas in the Asia–Pacific region for 2010. This distinguished endorsement acknowledges all those who contributed to the creation of this atlas.

This most recent recognition by the IMTA (Asia–Pacific) adds to the growing list of awards received by Millennium House for cartographic excellence

EARTH announced as Best Atlas in the World!

Nov 21 2009

On Saturday 21 of November 2009, EARTH, the world’s largest atlas was announced as ‘Best Atlas’ at the 24th International Cartographic Conference 2009 (ICC 2009) in Santiago, Chile.

The 20-kg limited edition tome was judged by an independent jury of seven professors and doctors of Cartography from the International Cartographic Association (ICA). Over 70 atlases and 450 maps from around the world were entered into the awards, with EARTH taking the most coveted award of Best Atlas. The accolade establishes EARTH as the best atlas in the world!

Millennium House is both thrilled and honored to receive this award. The distinguished endorsement acknowledges the legacy of EARTH and all those who contributed to its creation. The endorsement proves there is no better than EARTH!

EARTH wins top Mapping Award

Sept 2 2009

EARTH has been named the world's most detailed atlas, winning both the Best Book Based Award and the Best Overall Map Product (the Graham Stanton Award) from the International Map Trade Association (IMTA). The IMTA Awards were held on 7–8 August in Darwin, and recognized the best cartographic-related products produced in the Asia/Pacific region in the past year. The awards are voted for by industry peers and experts worldwide.

Gordon Cheers said “I always thought to achieve a legacy, a reference book needed to have three elements: firstly to be credible, authoritative, and well-researched—this has now been proven by EARTH winning the IMTA award; secondly to be well produced (well bound, finished and built to last)—this has been recognized, as EARTH was also awarded Best Produced Limited Edition Book and Best Overall Book at the Galley Club Awards in June; and lastly to be rare ,cherished and cared for—this has also been achieved, with copies now held in the care of the British Museum, Smithsonian Institute, as well as the finest libraries and institutions around the world. These distinguished endorsements prove that EARTH successfully combines the essential elements, guaranteeing a legacy for generations to come.”

EARTH shortlisted in Galley Club Awards

May 21 2009

Millennium House is delighted to have Earth shortlisted in the 33rd Annual Galley Club Awards in the prestigious Limited Editions category.

The Galley Club promotes the highest standards of excellence in book production, so this is high praise indeed for Earth.

More info...

Millennium House debut at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

Abu Dhabi, March 23 2009:

It isn't often that publishers get to meet with their readers and have one to one discussions. We have had a great time at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF) meeting readers, publishers, scholars and members of the leading business community throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The degree of interest EARTH has created among book lovers, universities, libraries and cultural foundations here in the UAE is beyond our expectations.

We knew the rarity and uniqueness of the Earth collections had already caught the attention of discerning book lovers in the UAE. But the excitement shown to us and the number of orders received at the ADIBF has absolutely delighted us.

His Excellency Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Minister of the UAE, opened the Book Fair, and personally signed copy No 0119 of the Royal Blue edition when he visited our exhibit. Millennium House has donated this special signed copy to the Red Crescent charity for children, as a fundraiser.

Gordon Cheers


Earth Concise Award Winner

EARTH Concise AwardEarth Concise wins the International Map Trade Award for Best Book in 2008.

Noleen Zander, Executive Director IMTA (Asia Pacific) says, "Earth Concise is quite simply the absolute best collection of world maps available on Earth."


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